So I’m back. BMT was bearable, kind of like being kicked in the head. Almost done with tech school, first duty station will be Robins AFB in Georgia -moonwalks out-

Basic training: They only yell at you because they care <3

Sometimes I wish I watched Supernatural just so I could understand my dash.




What do fish get stressed about?

Dam near everything

Fuck you guys this was hilarious

I hope you get a hangnail all the way down to your knuckle.

Scarf blew off my shoulders and I didn’t notice it. Now I have no scarf. Semicolon frowny-face ;(

"This is J.J. Abrams, captain of the U.S.S. Lensflare."


Dear listeners, I love you, but please. Go. To. Sleep.

Good night, Night Vale, good night.

Don’t ask me why I made this.

((Parody of infamous picture book Go The F*ck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach))

when a nice url is taken and you look at their blog and they made one post like a year ago

benedict cumberbatch? how about henedict cumberhatch. or wrenedict cumbersnatch. benedict lumbercatch.


Studio Ghibli 1985-2013. THANK YOU.